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    At the top of the mountain
    Hanging a cloud
    And my heart, my heart
    Suspended to him.

    Chief Papagos

    For a healthy man, life is eternal.
    For the one who got to know that he is going to die, life seems to be only a day.
    For the one who is dying, life is only a fraction of a second. A fraction that can not go back. It’s finish. There remains only regrets, tears and anguish.
    But it’s a fact that most people avoid thinking.
    We prefer to drown while hoping to get away rather than stay peacefully on the bank.
    What do we call life? What do we call death?
    Life has been given to us … To do what?
    Who has ever asked this question? Who answered?
    Was it given to satisfy our ego? But what is the ego?
    Was it given to discover the truth? But what truth?
    Was it given just to get it back? But who takes it back?
    Was it only given by whom and for whom?
    There is little ignorance and great ignorance.
    There is what humans do by pure ignorance and there is the great Ignorance which is the very purity of the sphere of original purity.
    Ignorance of evil and good, beauty and ugliness, truth and false, love and hate, attachment to things and above all to oneself: that is the great Ignorance.
    But for most people, being ignorant is being stupid, backward, uneducated and blind. It is these same blind people who are in fact ignorant.
    Here, in the middle of forests and gardens, I can pray the sun rising and setting.
    I can pray the spirit of the water, that of the wind and wish a good journey to the peaceful clouds. When the cranes pass, I pray that each of them will reach the promised land.
    Life should be celebrated simply because it is life.
    There is only one, why wait for the next?
    I am grateful to my sandals that suffer every day to carry so much weight.
    Recognizing this precious food and those who have participated.
    I do not miss a day.
    I thank this mother-earth who carries me without ever asking anything in exchange.
    I thank life for filling me with life and I bow to the great Mystery who did what I am.
    Life is life.
    It passes like a cloud driven by fate.
    Destiny leads us where we decided to go because destiny is only the choice given to us.
    And it is we who create our destiny.
    We ourselves are responsible for the direction we take. No one else is responsible.
    One can always reproach the Mystery for all misfortunes and injustices, but only the law of cause and effect governs this world of impermanence and no one can escape it. This is confirmed by the saying: “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it”.

    There is no mystery except the power of the great Mystery.

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