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  • At this point, the space is wide open

    During zazen, when the mind is calm, attention is natural. Then appears hishiryo or shonen, right thinking, absolute thinking, beyond concepts, prejudices, categories.
    If we calmly reach this deep level concentration, our mind does not move. It comes to rest in the dimension at beyond space and time. Consciousness merges into infinity.
    In everyday life, through long experience, we then reach fugyô-ni-gyô which means: absence of action in action, in other words: an action lacking in intentionality and leaving no trace in the mind-heart. It’s an unpremeditated way of acting, an instantaneous and spontaneous reaction under given circumstances. It is also necessary that the acting subject stands out of the fruits of his action, that he is not even aware of himself as subject of the action.
    At this point, the space is wide open.

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